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Wade Webb is a good friend/Owner/Manager and expert Real Estate Coach over at Royal LePage Kelowna, who knows the importance of Innovation in the Real Estate Industry. Understanding that innovation shapes the future of our industry is integral in staying ahead in the game.  From his blog on his Agentsboost.com website, he outlines some new companies geared to customer service in Real Estate that you should be aware of, that are coming strong out of the gate to help you build a thriving business.


Retargeting technology and building this technology into your own real estate websites allows us to be top of mind with the consumers even after they have left your website. You now appear on youtube, facebook and other web pages the consumers are on during their search process. Let’s have a look at this amazing powerful technology.



Personal safety and security for agents is becoming an increasing issue for our industry. Have you ever been in a place or with a customer and this feeling comes over you that this is not a safe place or person to be alone with? We can’t take our personal safety as an agent for granted so let’s have a look at this amazing safety tool.


Trusted Mail

Ever wondered how these online criminals can tell where you are dealing with banking or how you just used paypal and then they send you these fraudulent emails to capture your personal information and break into your accounts. The importance of email and online security is growing rapidly and the need for encrypted email content in transit and facial recognition software is here at last.



How many of us have a large file folder, big binder, desk drawer or box of every warranty document, user guide book or operation manual for everything in

your home? How would you like to provide all of this for your customers all on one app on their phone at closing day. Check this out!


How would you like to have an app that works with any 3D camera you can buy at a store that allows you to create 2D and 3D floorplans and measurements, 3D video tours of your listings without paying so much to a third party provider?



Do you struggle with online social content? Would you like to increase your perception as the local expert to those searching online? We now have a platform allowing you to create original content and integrate with mapping technology of google maps and interact socially with consumers questions and answers and become the local expert on everything in your community!


Move Snap

How many of us do a really great job supporting our clients during the actual moving process? Would you like to be even better and have a moving concierge service provided to your clients? Well here it is!



The collaborative web based software that manages every detail of the transaction between you and your client. Allowing 24 – 7 access for you and your clients and showing real time activity of the process from beginning to end including files, documents, appointments, reminders, checklists and more! Take the fear out of the process for the client and keep us more accountable to the process with our customers and increase our wow factor!

So there you have it. The latest and greatest in customer service in real estate. I trust you found a nugget or two to take your business and client experience to another level in 2018!!


Thanks for your insight Wade, as always we find you at the head of the pack 🙂