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Your Leads Aren’t Dead!

The cure for lead ailment is not to generate more leads. The notion that if somehow you just continue to add more leads to the top of your pipeline then the appointments and sales will work themselves out is the furthest thing from the truth when it comes to real estate leads. Agents have absolutely no excuse for letting hundreds, maybe thousands of leads die a slow death when there is proven ways to convert a dead lead. “Don’t trip over nickels just to pick up pennies.” Meaning don’t ignore all the unconverted leads you already have and focus on creating more leads and this will change your fate. The secret to these “dead” leads (up to 6 months old) is that you can convert them to appointments with smart emails and strategic follow up.

Old leads buy things too and you can take any list of old leads and generate listing and buying appointments if you just know what you are doing. In fact here is an email that you can start with today to all your old leads that will almost certainly resurrect some of them and convert into quality appointments. The key to conversion with this email is you must only use plain old email and not use any HTML, template or branded email or it will not convert! The design-less email is the secret to the conversion of old leads including automatic emails and drip emails too!

So here is the email you can send today to all your old leads.

Subject Line: Quick Question

Body: Are you still looking to buy [ insert what they were inquiring about ] ?


That is it, the entire email and I am not kidding. This works mostly because it doesn’t waste the lead’s time and it gives them a huge out if they want it. Another top performing email that converts old leads to appointments has the..

Subject Line: Checking In

Body: I wanted to check in and see if you needed anything from me today?

This less is more approach and sent one email lead at a time is a lead converter no-brainer and game changer.

For new and fresh ideas for email strategies check out Buzzsumo.com to do some research by keyword, topic or source and show you the most socially shared articles online that match your topic.

Email composition for lead conversion must fall into one of these three simple categories.

1) Educational: the recipient will learn something from your email content
2) Entertaining: The recipient will smile or laugh from your email content.
3) Conversational: The recipient will want to continue the conversation and reply to your email content.

The whole strategy is based on the premise that conversations create customers. The most common mistake in email follow up conversion is the sender’s lack of question marks at the end of all their messages. I hope you weren’t thinking that simply sending out emails alone would convert old leads to appointments. We still have to pick up the damn phone and make the additional phone call to the old lead to really see the appointments come in from the old leads.

The average email click-through rates are often under five percent. So that means for every 1,000 leads you email only 50 are clicking. It is amazing how much easier it is to call the old leads and follow up and engage with them. The next tip with old leads is to use tracking software like Woopra, Mixpanel and Intercom that can help identify who from your lead list is visiting your website over and over again, what pages they visited and how long they stayed on your website.

As an example Mixpanel allows you to set up a trigger that if someone visits your testimonial page on your website it automatically emails more testimonials to them immediately. Even set alerts for you to call someone on your lead database if they return to your website when they click a re-targeting ad for your website. Re-targeting your database of leads with ads, content and marketing messages is a powerful tool for lead conversion to appointments and a pro game changer strategy for agents winning the conversion game.

Thanks for the tips, Wade!